Tried. Trying. Try.

I care a lot about the look and quality of the product before I release it. Most importantly, I am always motivated to work and I always believe in my abilities and goals. I have a lot of practical experience and skills, but the quality and care make me really good.

I'm trying to use my skills and experience to put good into the world.

As Developer

Programming is a means by which I achieve my goal. I have ideas and strong motivation for their realization. I am writing code to make my ideas a reality. I always strive to learn new and interesting languages ​​and technologies, no matter how difficult they are. I'm not scared of learning difficult concepts. Software technologies are my passion, I am constantly interested in them and I always study how they work behind the curtain.

I started with PHP as my first back-end language and write WordPress modules but PHP I would say is a weak language although it helped me with the basics of the web. My first website made from scratch as an architecture was made with Node.js (then still in beta), MongoDb (mongoose for working with databases) and jade (now called pug) for the views due to the fact that I make MVC architecture.

I definitely understood that C # is my writing language, I think it is quite suitable both for the first language and for someone to do everything from ABC to XYZ, it gives us a solid foundation on which we step with .NET (Framework or Core) also I called 'The dark side of web'.


    The backbone of the Web. Accessibility and semantics are more important today than ever. Responsive by default. Enjoy I use PostCSS, in past I use SASS.

  2. JavaScript

    Been writing it since 'DHTML' days. I used classic JavaScript, but I'm already a supporter of the new standard. I prefer to use React instead of Angular.

  3. Node.js

    Been playing with it since beta versions. I use for build my small projects and tools to aid in my laziness

  4. .NET/C#

    My favorite programming language and framework. I using ASP.NET (Core) for build large web applictions and services.